Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hawaii - Day 12 : Honolulu Zoo

Joe learnt the song "daddy's taking us to the zoo...tomorrow. Zoo...tomorrow. Zoo...tomorrow...." some time ago and finally...daddy took him to the zoo. The Honolulu Zoo! He was pretty excited. The zoo is located on the eastern end of Waikiki and took us about 30 minutes of walking to get to.
Lots of trees to provide shade and the breeze brought some respite from the heat. It was actually a very lovely day.
Very nice and clean. Public restrooms everywhere...clean and dry and with a water cooler outside for you to rehydrate after you relieve yourself.
Even Joy-Anne enjoyed herself.
And Joe had some good father-son time.

Breastfeeding at the zoo. Still doing it everywhere, on demand.

Then Joe found a giraffe he could climb. Finally a family photo in Hawaii. Nothing distinctively hawaiian in this photo though.

Actually, Joe enjoyed the playground at the zoo much more than the zoo.

Check out his enthusiasm. Those metal keys play the corresponding notes and he was actually singing to himself.

And after all that fun.....nothing better to cool down with than Hawaiian Shaved Ice.

It's actually just ice and syrup. Like our ang tau serng back home but over here...it's just the serng. No tau. But Joe said it was good.

Sorry Joy....you can't have any.

We then walked to Denny's for lunch. Joe enjoyed the food so much because they have scrambled eggs and he hasn't had his egg fix since we got here.

Uluniu St. Wonder what it means...

The rest of the day was spent at the mall....again. And then Joe's daddy took him for a walk by the nice clean canal.

I had fun!

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