Monday, July 21, 2008

Silly pics

Joy-Anne is an amazing baby. She has been poo-ing in the potty ever since she was 2 weeks old. Up till now, she's probably soiled no more than 30 diapers and since we use bumwear at home, we've not even worked our way through the 3rd pack of disposable diapers. In fact, the third pack is still half full.
Mama did some editing to this photo which was actually taken in 1-Utama. Brandon Kor Kor would so love to drive Thomas the tank engine.

Ah Kong and Ah Mah came for dinner last night and brought durians.

Today is probably the first time that I've had to change her diaper when we're out. We spent the entire day out at 1-Utama and therefore missed her poo poo time on the potty. I figure it's probably practise for her to poo in her diaper since she won't be able to poo in the potty on the long flight to Honolulu.

Joy-Anne : Hey not fair....I should get a head start

Her toilet habit really saves a lot of diapers. I have such economical children. Joe saves my money by refusing to go to any barber or hairdresser.

Mama cut my hair yesterday. What do you think?

I love my kor kor.

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