Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The answer to my problem

Since Joy-Anne arrived, I had been having a major problem - constipation and haemorrhoids. I wasn't quite sure whether the constipation caused the haemorrhoids (because of the straining) or whether the haemorrhoids caused the constipation (blocking the anus).

A gastroenterologist (to whom I paid RM150 for him to examine my rear end) confirmed I have a few haemorrhoids in the early stage. He gave me senokot, lactulose, and another suppository which I can't recall now. The pharmacist who dispensed it must have had a good laugh because when she was giving me the lactulose, she said, "this is for when you constipate". Then taking the senokot she said, "err...this is err...also for when you err...constipate." And then taking the suppository she said, "err..this one....ohh...ahh...also for when you ahh....really consitpate." I nodded and smiled at her.
I tried Senokot and Lactulose. They helped but I didn't like the idea of being dependent on medication. Taking extra fruits and vegetables and having oats for breakfast every morning did little to solve my problem. I could eat half a papaya (big one) and tonnes of other fruits and still have a problem the next morning.
Finally, I found the answer to my problem....

Yup! Muesli. I actually like taking this for breakfast and even lunch as well. Unfortunately it's quite expensive here in Malaysia (about RM16 for a 750gm pack). So when Edwin went to Melbourne for a working trip late last month, I asked him to buy some home. He brought home about 10kg of muesli. After conversion, this pack cost about RM9.

Big business every morning has been a breeze. I feel so good and much lighter after my business in the toilet every morning.

See how lose my pants is now. This is my favourite pair which I have been wearing since 10 years ago, which I couldn't even zip up in April.

And that's our new camera.

So glad that eating healthy and breastfeeding has succesfully transferred all the unwanted fat from me to my pretty baby.

She's about 7.9kg now and trying very hard to sit and crawl and talk. Joy-Anne also loves to play with her big brother and vice versa.Unfortunately, she's also drooling a lot with her mouth always open...just like Joseph!

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  1. Your picture in your 10-year old pants is amazing! Wow! You're so ready for Hawaii.......