Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hawaii - Day 3 : Fun at the mall and fireworks

Friday 25th July - the day started rather late even though I was awaken before 8am because Joe woke up whining. Joy-Anne got up to feed. and then went back to sleep until noon. So it wasn't till 1pm that we left the apartment.

My parents had gone out earlier for a 45-minute bird's eye-view tour of Oahu (helicopter ride). Unfortunately he took photos using his kuno 2.0mega-pixel Nikon camera and forgot to bring the USB cable so no photos of the tour available now.

It was sheer madness (to me at least) to be walking in the hot midday sun with 2 kids. I covered myself and them in sunblock before we went out. Joe fell asleep in the stroller 10mins after we set out for the mall.
Yee yee bought fried rice for Joe's lunch at the mall. USD3.99. Most expensive ever fried rice he has eaten.

Nana and Kong Kong met up with us at the mall after the got back from their helicopter ride.

We visited the Disney store where Joe was so fascinated to see plush toys of his favourite Playhouse Disney cartoon characters.

He hugged Handy Manny and Darby and obediently posed for a picture.

And hugged a giant Nemo...

He was also very happy to see his friends, the Little Einsteins.

This picture is especially for Hui-Wearn. I bought a pair of tights for USD0.99.

In the evening, we walked from the mall to Hilton Hawaiian Village to check out the wedding chapel where Rebecca's wedding will be held. It's a huge place.

Joe saw some ducks and flamingoes in the pond at Hilton but refused to take a photo. He kicked up a fuss and we caught in on camera for a good laugh. Getting full of nonsense these days without his father around.

We found out that there's a fireworks display at 8pm every Friday night at the Hilton Hawaiian Village so we went to Tony Roma's for dinner...

Joe licking butter from the small bowl

the real original ribs at Tony Roma's.

...before going back to Hilton for the fireworks display. Joe absolutely loved it. He laughed and clapped his hands.

My photography skill with fireworks sucks. But we will come back again 2 Fridays from now when Joe's daddy comes.

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