Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy to lose

I've been busy.... Edwin has been travelling. A week in Melbourne, a week in Seoul. Wish it was vacation for me too. vacation is approaching very soon! Yeah....we'll be going to Honolulu, Hawaii for my sister's wedding.
Because all women are vain (and those who say they are not are lying), I've been trying hard to shed all this extra baby weight to look good in the wedding pictures. Not having time to exercise does not help.
Nevertheless, I'm proud to say that I've lost about 6kg since February. I'm now down to 51kg and my favourite pair of pants which I could not even zip in April is now loose. I've had this favourite pair of pants since my form 6 days. Not bad be able to fit into pants from my teenage years after 10 years and 2 kids.
But I have yet to reach my pre-Joseph weight. I was 48kg before I had Joseph. At full term, I was 62kg. With Joy-Anne, I was 53kg when I conceived her because the pregnancy just before that gave me very good appetite and then after the miscarriage, I was trying to lose the weight when I realized I was pregnant again (no wonder no weight loss despite daily sessions on the treadmill).
Now if only there was some miracle gadget to zap away all the extra flabby lose skin and stretch marks on my tummy and my permanently-everted bellybutton. I guess I'll just have to keep this priceless pregnancy souvenir.

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