Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hawaii - Day 2 morning

I finally got some sleep last night after being awake for about 36 hours non-stop. Joe slept with me while Joy slept in the playpen provided. Joy woke twice to feed in the night. Joe slept thru till about 7am plus.
He obediently sat on the toilet bowl. I hope he doesn't revert to the potty when we get home.
But the toilet session was non-productive. He's kinda constipated. We'll need to go to walmart to get some yoghurt and prune juice.

8am this morning - we had a free breakfast at Hard Rock Cafe, courtesy of Expedia - the travel website from which we bought our air tickets.

Hard Rock Cafe the style.

Joe was exhausted after trying to bom....4 times without and results. He was sitting on the toilet and crying, "'s too painful".

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