Friday, July 18, 2008

Joy-Anne - 6 months old today!

Today - 18 July 2008 - Joy-Anne turns 6 months old.

It's a big milestone. For me, at least because it means that I can stop lactating without feeling guilty. I have no intentions of weaning her just yet - I'll let her feed till she decides she's had enough or I stop producing milk, whichever comes first. As it is, milk production has been steadily dropping because she's sucking a lot less, usually getting distracted while she feeds (i.e. plays with my hair, kicks the table etc)

We've started giving her cereals, porridge and fruits. Sometimes she eats very well. Other times she kicks up a fuss. At 6 months, she's already got a preference for sweet stuff. She loves apples and bananas.

All that food is helping her to grow really well. See how high she can lift her backside...

Weighing 8kg and measuring 69cm, she's also almost sitting by herself.

And wrestling and climbing over Matthew. (Joe named this doll Matthew....I've no idea how and where from he thought of the name)

She's yet to grow any teeth.....still toothless.

Joe had his lower 2 front teeth emerge at 5.5months.

Joe helped himself to the butter while I was toasting bread

Next thing you know....she'll be asking me about the birds and the bees....
...and then I'll find myself explaining to her about the menstrual cycle...

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  1. What a happy, joyful baby! I can't wait to meet her. Did Becca tell you that we were wanting to name our first child Joy Anne too if he were a 'she'? By the time we have a girl, we ended up changing it to Josie, but her middle name is still Anne. That would be really weird for Becca if we ended up naming our daughter Joy Anne, 'cause she'll end up with two nephews naming Joseph, and two nieces naming Joy Anne. :)