Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hawaii - Day 5 : Grand Circle Island Tour

We set out early today for a 120 mile tour of Oahu. The bus picked us up at 7.55am. Joy-Anne was all excited.
Joe was excited too. He woke up early at 6am and was sitting in his stroller, waiting by the door by 7.30am while all of us were still getting ready.

We set out from Waikiki and headed east. First stop was at the Diamond Head lookout.

Then we stopped to see Hanauma Bay. This has been voted the best place to snorkel. We will be coming here again on Wednesday morning. The beach is far down. There are 2 ways to get down and up i.e walk or take the tram. The tram costs 50cents to go down and USD1.00 to come up. Fuel is expensive!

We made another scenic stop at err....I can't remember. This was near Sea Life Park and Joe was fascinated looking at a hang glider.

This is the Pali Lookout. It's was breathtaking.

We made a 90-minute stop at the Dole Plantation. I've never seen so much pineapples in my life.

The highlight of today for Joe was riding the Pineapple Express. He was so excited waiting for the train.

Joy-Anne was pretty excited too even though I don't think she'll remember anything.

Pineapple faces...

This was the Pineapple plantation garden. It was actually quite hot!

We cooled off with some Dole Whip. It's soft serve ice cream in pineapple flavour. We also got the Pineapple Float. Refreshing!

After Dole Plantation, both kids were totally tired out. They both slept for over an hour in the bus. We drove pass the North Shore, Sunset Beach etc but I didn't go down.

The final stop was at a macadamia nut factory. We had complimentary macadamia nut kona coffee and sampled various kinds of macadamia nuts. There was also macadamia nut popcorn which made Joe very happy.

The tree behind me is a macadamia nut tree. It can grow up to 30ft tall.

We finally got back to our apartment at 4.30pm. Joe was quite happy to take a bath.

All clean and happy! And tired....I hope he sleeps well tonight.

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  1. wow! looks like you all are having so much fun! :):)
    jealous-nia.. i also want to go for paid holiday! hehehe...

    eh, see whether got cheap baby stuff over there... :P