Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Reflection of 2012

November is for celebrations. December is for reflection.

If there is just one word to summarize my 2012, that word is 'family'.

2012 will be remembered as the year we spent plenty of time together as a family, with family and growing as a family.

My side of the family didn't all gather together because of geographical reasons even though most of us did a few times. My parents, brother & family and sister & family got together in the USA in May. Back here, gatherings for family celebrations were without my sister and family. We also welcomed a new niece.

Over on the Tan side, we ALL got together a record of 3 times in 2012 for Chinese New Year, Ah Kong's birthday in June and again for holiday in December.
Here's a month by month highlight.
January - Chinese New Year in Seremban

February - I went back to work.


March - we went to Yong Peng for a out-of-city break.

April - Joseph turned 7!

May - we went to Penang for a family holiday.
June - the Tan Family got together for Ah Kong's birthday.


July - a trying time for me as Isabel totally rejects milk from the bottle.

August - we went on a 1-night getaway to Westin KL. It was my first night away from Isabel.
September - another trip back to Seremban

October - a good friend got married. I found it absolutely hilarious that this very entertaining, know-it-all, can-sing, can-dance groom also did the mc-ing by himself. He announced his own arrival at the dinner!!!

November - our quadruple celebrations!

December - Joy got the chance to be a very pretty flower girl at our PMC counselee's wedding.

As a family of 5, we have grown closer together and become more independent. I now tell people that when I had just one kid, we needed 3 adults to bring one kid out e.g. to see a doctor. Now I can comfortable bring all 3 kids out to the park on my own.
Joseph has grown a lot physically, mentally and emotionally. His mandarin has improved more in one year than mine did in many many years. He takes very good care of his sisters and is a great help around the house.
Joy has grown taller and thinner though she is still no where near skinny. She's just absolutely 'tu tu ho'! (just nice in hokkien) She loves bling bling and has a maturity beyond her years. I have to keep reminding her that external beauty must be preceeded by internal beauty - with Jesus in her heart.
Isabel walked before the end of the year. She is a very contented and happy baby. She loves to pull Joseph's spectacles and dig my nose. And after 13 long months ...I think she is finally starting to sleep through the night. She still wakes to cry but I don't feed her between about 10pm to 7am.
2013 is going to be no less exciting than 2012. Be Prepared....!!!

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