Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Reflections @ 35

I'm 35 today. Thirty-five years young.
At milestones like this, I like to pause and reflect. Every so often, it's very necessary for one to look back before one can look ahead.
As I look back and look at where I am and what I am today, I feel an overwhelming sense of thankfulness and gratitude to my Almighty God.

I am thankful...
...for life itself. Every morning I thank God I am alive!

...for health - that which we take for granted until it's lost.

...for family - a most wonderful husband, three beautiful children, parents, in-laws...

...for friends.

...for my job. Though I am an almost-full-time homemaker, I am very thankful for my very understanding boss who has been my role model since varsity days.
So I ask myself... Since I am already so blessed and lack nothing, is there anything else I want?
I would be lying if I said, "nothing" because there will always be things we want. It is only human to want. Materially, I would like to travel. New Zealand ranks highly on my "must visit" places. I have yet to see snow. I've never been on a cruise nor a helicopter. So would be nice to travel with my family because experiences and memories are priceless.
Apart from that, I dare say there's nothing material I want. I don't want a bigger, grander house. I don't want a more luxurious car. I don't own nor want a Coach, LV nor the likes (and for the life of me cannot understand why it's such a novelty since every other makcik and ah soh carries one these days).

But one thing I do truly desire is this - a closer walk with my Lord. I want to grow my faith in Him - to trust God and see Him work wonders and miracles in our lives to His glory and for His honor.

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