Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Celebrating 35 years

Happy Birthday to me...Happy birthday to me...
Happy Birthday to me-eeeeeeeeeeee.....
Happy BIrthday to me!!

If it was a wedding annversary, I would be celebrating the coral anniversary.

35 years is a milestone. I'm halfway to three score and ten.

I woke up this morning to many many birthday wishes on facebook and this lovely touching poem written by my dear husband.

"Today is my darling wife’s birthday
Twenty-five she turns, forever she will stay
So beautiful she is, in so many ways
A wife, mother and daughter, so worthy of praise

Rising up before the sun
Priscilla Chan she is the one
To prepare breakfast for daughters and son
To fulfil this she gives up her fun

Her talents abound increasing daily
Craft and art came so naturally
Sewing came next helping save money
Dresses, car seat covers, bibs, just some of many

Cutting our hair she learnt by trying
On me, it looked like a rat had been biting
Now the art she’s slowly perfecting
Including some simple hair tattooing

Cooking and baking she’s also been learning
Through trial and error and experimenting
Thankfully no lizards nor bugs nor other strange being
And medically, we’re all still surviving

All day long in the kitchen slaving
Meals for children and adults preparing
Doing all these without complaining
Evidence of a heart so truly loving

A bargain, a good deal, will never escape her eye
Some call it kiasu, I call it wise
Researching intensely she gets the best buy
To help our money go many more miles

My wife is superwife and supermum
Managing the household she gets everything done
Sounds like the woman in Proverbs 31
Except that servant girls she has none

Through it all she hasn’t aged a bit
I’m still attracted to her like a fly to shit
After 10 years and having 3 kids
On my lap she still can sit

I thank God for moulding her life
To sugar and spice but surely not lice
Lovingly carrying out her duties as mother and wife
Often involving quite a sacrifice

Many more times we’ll share laughter and tears
Together go through life facing hopes and fears
More beautiful she’ll grow every year
I thank God for my wife so dear"

So sweet, huh? I admit - I did shed a tear or two.

After sending Joe and Joy to school, Darling and I had lunch at Favola@Le Meridien KL.

Very atas kind of place. Too atas for us - we were so blur-sotong when the waitress asked if we wanted distilled water or sparkling water.
complimentary bread with dips
We shared a beef lasagna (made with chunks of wagyu beef)... certainly not your average pizza hut kind of lasagna.
...and a venetian pizza which was rather kiap siap with the toppings.

Surprisingly, we were really full by then. We came home for a much-needed afternoon nap.

In the evening, we had dinner at another porky place. Yeah, you would have figured by now that we like all things pork.

Joseph loved the pigs in blanket and carbonara pasta with bacon. He loves bacon! And to think that at one time he would dig out the lap cheong from fried rice.

Darling and I shared the pork chop...
...and the pork burger. It was very juicy!

Back home, we did the customary cake-cutting with a tiramisu compliments of Le Meridien KL (with our Starwood complimentary cake voucher).


  1. Happy belated birthday! God bless!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday. Very touching poem by your hubs.