Monday, December 31, 2012

Happening December

Yes....happening December. What an exciting month it has been to cap off an exciting year!
We managed to check out a few malls...just for the fun of it. Decorations are just soso... For the record, I have not been to Midvalley in all of 2012!
The Curve


Sunway Pyramid

Tropicana City Mall

Ikano Power Center

Barbie Doll tree @ IPC
 We had to flee a fire in our apartment on 6th December 2012.
 The kids walked up 21 floors at 12 midnight after a long tiring day, with no complains and no whining.

Two days later they did great at the Children's Church Christmas Party Musical - Bows of Holly.

Little Lamb Christmas Party was on 9th December 2012.
cute little lamb cupcakes made by one of our leaders.

We spent a wonderful 6 days in Singapore with family.

On 21st December 2012, I accidentally kicked daalin's dumbell and badly injured my toe. No gross fracture but suspected chip/fragment fracture. It hurts till today.

And finally.....our PMC (pre-marital counselling) counselees got married!!! This is our first time doing PMC - as in we are the counsellors. **DUMC has a very strict policy that compels all couples intending to wed, to go through a series of 13 sessions of PMC with an assigned 'experienced' couple.
I love December - it's totally the happiest and most relaxing time of the year!


  1. eh i thought u stepped into MV sometime feb/march to meet up with me? ;)

    1. Oh really ah...forgot d... That must have been the only itme in 2012 I went to mid valley.