Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pre-Christmas Lunch at Latest Recipe@LeMeridien KL

It's 2 days to Christmas!

We had lunch at Latest Recipe at Le Meridien @ KL utilizing our Starwood complimentary dining voucher (2pax) and a nomination letter (2 pax - free dining when you refer a friend for Starwood membership) so we paid a total of zero ringgit.

first round - Caesar Salad, oysters, salmon sashimi

It had all the standard 5-star hotel fare as well as several live stations. You have to check out the live stations instead of just browsing the laid out fare, otherwise you  miss the best stuff.

Joseph enjoyed his spaghetti carbonara, nasi briyani and the mushroom soup which was very good. Certainly not canned soup.

Joy-Anne had her oats with mushroom soup and a generous portion of sweet desserts.

The roast lamb was really good with mint sauce. The skin came crispy!

Temaki from the Japanese station. Pretty good.
The teppanyaki beef, chicken and prawns from the Japanese station also deserve a mention. My mum who usually doesn't eat beef because it's smelly said the teppanyaki beef was good.  
There is quite a decent spread of indian food at the Indian station. If you like indian food, it is worth checking out Latest Recipe.

Desserts may not look like a lot but the quality makes up for the apparent lack of variety.

The waffles were very good. Light and crispy yet melt in your mouth.

I realized just as my tummy was getting really full that there's the option of teppanyaki ice-cream. There is a cold plate there where you can choose your toppings to be mixed-in to your ice cream.

I was really full by the time we walked out and I'm still full even now at 6 hours later!
The kids had some fun posing for photographs around the newly-refurbished lobby. Joy-Anne likes 'atas' places. Every time I tell her we're going out to eat, she will ask if it's an 'atas' place.

Good food is abundant. But let's not forget the real reason for the season....Jesus!

May your best present be Jesus! Blessed Christmas to everyone!


  1. Sounds like they had a different and bigger spread, yum!! Did you have to pay for the kids?

  2. I was not intending to pay for Joy - brought her oats porridge. But they didn't even ask me to pay for Joe. So no, I didn't pay for the kids.
    This lunch was certainly better than my previous dinner visit.

  3. At one point, whenever we eat out, Yiu Yiu will ask if we are going to an air conditioned place :-)