Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Yes, I've been busy...

Someone commented that I must have been super busy lately.....because the blog has not been updated. Well, someone is right!

I've been busy packing. And when you pack, you come across a lot of stuff that have been idle for ages.
Maybe everyone should do this every once in a while. Declutter.

I realize that I've never lived in any one house for any more than 7 years. Seven seems to be the magical number - in the Bible, in DUMC and for me.

I lived 11 months in Ipoh, 4 years in Seremban, 3 years in Raub, 3 years in Segamat (in 2 houses) and then 9.5 years in Penang (in 1 house and 3 apartments). Then I came to KL for further studies - one year in 6th College UM, one year in University Tower, 2 years down the road from UH in a rented room, 6 months in a rented room in Damansara Utama and then I got married and lived one year in Pantai HillPark with my sister-in-law.

This month is about exactly seven years since we moved into our current home, a year after getting married.
We got the keys to our new home last Friday, 1st Oct 2010. The entire legal process is actually not quite completed yet but the vendors have graciously handed over vacant possession.
So I've been busy meeting designers and contractors. I made a few random calls and also engaged a few friends in this line to give quotations.

In the mean time, the children have been rather cooperative. They make no fuss when I pack their toys and books into boxes. And they have a blast playing with all the boxes.

Joe is particularly excited. Because his father promised him an aquarium where they are gonna feed the fish with dead mosquitoes!


  1. Wow, you actually remember how long you stayed in each place! Salute salute.. then you wouldn't have much "clutter" then... doing major reno?

  2. The reno process is a tedious one. Do you have a ID? I just completed my reno and it is surely tedious. All the best.

    Ps: Drop by here from Irene's link.