Monday, October 25, 2010

Sakae Sushi @ BVII

We got some pretty good deals for the house yesterday. There was a warehouse sale at Better Living - just across the road from church. Bought a Johnsson Suisse w.c. for RM284 (discounted from RM734) and 8 cartons (16pieces each) of 1'x1' Niro Granite black anti-slip tiles for the bathroom.

After making 10 trips up and down from the car to the new home carrying the super heavy tiles and w.c., Daalin was really tired and I thought he deserved a treat.

So we went to Sakae Sushi at Bangsar Village2 for dinner. I had told Joseph about this place where you can place your order via the computer and the food just appears at your table and he was really excited.

I'm not quite sure why but Joseph seems to have developed a liking for sushi. So once we got our booth by the conveyor belt, he pointed our this thing that he wanted.

To my surprise, he took a pair of chopsticks and said he wanted to try using it.

At first it didn't quite work...

So he tried using one side in each hand.

Then out of frustration he put his mouth to the plate.

After a while, he managed to balance a blob of rice on the chopsticks.

Finally he was able quite happy to be able to actually eat with it! I sure was proud of him.

Daalin enjoyed the temakis. We had a total of 3 unagi temaki and 7 soft shell crab temaki. It's buy1free1 when you pay with a Citibank Credit Card.

This is Joe's all time favourite - the Chicken Katsu Don.

The father and son sometimes go to Sushi Zanmai (The Gardens) for their father-and-son-time and they always have a Chicken Katsu Don and the Tamago sushi.

This is the other Citibank offer - salmon dunno wat.... one pair is free. The other 2 are RM1.30 (discounted from RM5.90).
Towards the end I realized I hadn't taken any photos of Joy. And she knew it, I think. Coz she suddenly opened up her 4oz bottle and drank up all the water like from a cup, and said, "Mama, can you please take my photo?"

Since she was next to me, I had to pass the camera over to Daalin.

Then she posed again...

Joy didn't eat any sushi. She's was happy eating Quaker Oats at Sakae Sushi!
The Citibank offer is valid till 31 December. We'll probably make at least another trip there to take advantage of it.


  1. sounds good - will make a trip there one of these days!

    i love chicken katsu don too!

  2. salmon mentai! that's what it's called and it's one of my fav sushi from Sakae Sushi! i shd make a trip there to take advantage of the offer! :)

    joy is so cute and very good in posing! hehe.. :)