Monday, October 11, 2010

Veggietales Dance! Dance! Dance! and a marathon weekend

Another marathon weekend....I survived!

Saturday morning - Nana went out to church before 8am for Prayer Track and Daalin went out to collect the sink, tiles, taps etc that I bought the evening before and sent them to our new home.
Ah Mah's yummy 5-variety of nuts mooncake

As soon as he got back, we went out to church. Daalin led worship for Children's Church and then I was on duty for Little Lamb. Thank God everything went ok even though I had quite the bare minimum number of helpers.

After church, Nana and the kids came home while Daalin and I went over the our new home to meet another potential contractor. We got home only at past 10pm.

Next morning - woke up and went out to church again for 2nd round Little Lamb.
After church & lunch in church, Daalin had to stay back to lead worship for KIDS ministry while we came home to put the kids to nap.

In the afternoon, Nana then went out to pick Daalin and they went to pasar malam for the weekly grocery-shopping.

And then when Joe woke up.....he got to try out our new toy....the Veggietales Dance Mat!
Thanks to Goh Yee Teow who brought it back all the way from USA after YeeYee bought it for USD19.99 instead of the usual USD49.99.

Joe loved it! And I love it too!

I bought two dance mats so we can do duet or duel when the other mat comes back sometime next year.

And the new stroller wheels arrived as well....all the way from USA. It cost USD32 (including shipping to USA address) to change all 4 instead of RM80 for ONE that the Combi store in Midvalley wanted to charge me.
The wheels were badly worn out, unevenly....I believe due to the excessive wear and tear while we were in Melbourne last year. Now it looks good as new.

Sunday evening - we went out to Atria after lunch to buy more bamboo mats for church. At the same time, I checked out Sleep Factory's new outlet on the third floor. We bought 3 pieces of Queen-sized latex mattresses - soft yet firm. Just the way I like it. It supposedly has features like negative-ion, anti-dustmites and a 10-year warranty.

So it was quite a marathon busy weekend. But very fruitful and fulfilling! Daalin and I agree that even though we spend just about our entire weekends in church., there couldn't be any better place than to be in the house of God!

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