Thursday, October 07, 2010

Dinner & Blessing

We had dinner at New Paris Restaurant in SS2 last night. We = myself, Daalin, J+j, Ah Mah & Ah Kong, Nana & Kong Kong, Ah Ku & KimKim, Ah Chor, Pastor Nancy & Uncle Nat.

I've no idea what we ordered because at chinese restaurants, I leave the ordering to my in-laws while I just enjoy the food.

The tau fu (which seems to be their specialty) was good and I particularly liked that thing in the watermelon bowl which I thought was pork and was gonna finish up the last scrawny piece until Daalin pointed out that it was only chicken skin left.

We had tu kha as well. This one is good to eat. The other tu kha I have is nice to squeeze.

We polished everything off....

But Joe preferred bananas (BYO) to the pig's leg.

After dinner, we proceeded to our new home for a time of prayer.
Daalin led in a short time of worship and then Pastor Nancy prayer over the house for cleansing before we walked through the entire place from room to room praying.
Now I'll be busy meeting contractors, deciding on which one, shopping for appliances and mattresses and maybe praying that money falls from the sky.

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