Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Dinosaur Museum

Two weeks ago, Joe received from Ah Kong a present - a T-Rex excavation project. There's a huge chunk of soil package with bones embedded inside. So we dug and dug and it was really hard work. For me at least. Joseph was a lot more patient and seemed to enjoy himself.

Finally we got out all the bone pieces and assembled the T-Rex. Joe wrote out a sign for a Dinosaur Museum.

He took out all his other little dinosaurs and arranged them.

Joy-Anne came and wanted to be the tornado that blew off all the dinosaurs in one sweep.
Anyone feeling generous can feel free to add to his collection. In the mean time, the T-Rex goes back into the box until we can display it in the new home.

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  1. Evan has a wooly mammoth excavation kit & it's really hard work... no bones excavated so far... will continue during the school hols.