Sunday, October 24, 2010

E&L's Wedding

I've known Uncle E for at least 10 years since KongKong's last posting in Bentong. His dad came all the way from Bentong to Seremban for my wedding 8 years ago. So it was with much anticipation and joy that we attended Uncle E's wedding to Aunty L, a very sweet and pretty lady who is Joe's guitar teacher.

We didn't make it to his church ceremony because 9am was a bit too early (and stressful) to get the kids ready.

Joy wanted me to "put the pink thing on my eyes" for her. She sat still so obediently and gently closed her eyes for me to work. Yes yes....I know...vain like her mother.
Joseph got a little bit upset because he couldn't join in the girly stuff. But he soon decided that it was better to be a boy when I told him that men don't have to be pregnant and don't have to wake up at night to breastfeed.

On the way out, Joe asked me if he was having guitar lesson that day. When I told him no...he was a little upset. And I had to explain to him that it was not possible for Aunty L to give him a lesson that day because she was busy getting married!

The luncheon at Oriental Pavillion Jaya 33 (how convenient for us!) was absolutely delicious!

First dish - roast pork, roast appetizing! And then I loved the pan-fried tuna fillet (no bones!!!) in pomelo sauce. They also had a dish of soft shell crab!!! I've never had soft shell crab at weddings before. The food sure beats any hotel wedding dinner!

It was a good thing we were seated towards the back because there was a lot of space for the children to move around a bit and we could enjoy the food.

After the lunch, we went through back to church and stayed on for Children's Church, followed by Celebration (whereby both kids napped in the respective caves, I mean strollers).

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  1. Been there once on a Sunday afternoon for Dim Sum lunch & food was GREAT! Only downside was the $$$.