Sunday, March 21, 2010

Star HairStyle

I gave Joe and his dad a haircut this morning. And I made a mistake!!! Thinking that I had the no.1 clip on the clipper, I shaved his side and then screamed because there was no clip there! So anyway, I shaved the other side to even it out. Joe was really cool about it! And I gave both of them a star-shaped hair tattoo!
I hope Joe's teachers and Daalin's students (and boss!) don't faint tomorrow!


  1. so glad it wasn't D's head.
    he wants a new barber when he goes back to msia! ;-)

  2. goodness, Lah! you're very creative! and you've got guts to actually try something like tht! hehehe.. :)

  3. OMG! Hats off to your hubby. He's so daring :-)

  4. yup's more like my hubby got guts to try something like that.

    che - D can get one too! :-)

  5. He must put on matching attire to go with the hairdo. You're the creative one.

  6. I think your initial mistake is acceptable. but with the Star, i am not sure.haha.... Maybe Joe's classmate wanna have the same hair cut like him too, coz it's cool. So you can earn side income as barber.

  7. Hi Mrs Tan
    I'm one of Dr Edwin's Students. Great work with the haircut.Well we had quite difficult time at the lectures because every time Dr Edwin turned around to write something on the board we could not stop laughing. !!!!!! :D

    any way great job !!!