Monday, March 29, 2010

How cute gets cuter

My princess is growing taller and cuter everyday. This dress that I got tailor-made for her just 6 months ago is already at least 2 inches shorter than when I first got it. I think the dress will have to move to YongPeng in a few months time.
She looks and talks and sings like a 3-year-old.

And I'm so glad that she's quite vain. I cherish the minutes when she will sit still to let me tie her hair. This is the neatest style so far.
Just 2 days ago, she was rummaging thru the diaper bag and dug out a lipstick and she told me, "Mummy, can you please put for me". So I did and minutes later, she said, "I'm so pretty!"

Pretty as she is, she's really quite samseng. I think she's trying to do some ballet here...
I can't get her dancing on video yet but it's quite an entertaining sight.

I just love catching her in my arms and giving her a tight squeeze because she's so bak bak and extremely huggable. One night as I was doing that, I told her, "you're my little piggy" and she replied, "Mummy, you are big pig!"

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  1. pls translate samseng for yeeteow.