Sunday, March 21, 2010

J&j at the National Children Workers/Leaders & Parenting Conference

My mum and I both attended this fantastic conference jointly organised by DUMC and SIBKL. So Joe and Joy had no choice but to tag along. In my opinion, it was a most blessed choice.

The conference lasted from Wednesday night until Saturday afternoon, ending with a wonderful Rock 'n Roll Easter Party (with a 60's theme). Because we stayed on for celebration yesterday, the kids were in church from 8.30am till 7.30pm!

With my bags of stuff (milk, change of clothes, cereal, lunch, toys, books etc...) I didn't bring my camera. But Mei Ling very kindly took some photos for us at the party. And the pro always takes better photos. Joy wore her polka-dot Gymboree dress that YeeYee bought.
Joseph wore a hand-me-down Gap stripped shirt with suspenders and bow tie that are at least 7 years old (Joshua wore this as page boy at our wedding) and his favourite jeans from Target Australia. It's his favourite because there are no buttons or zip. (Very difficult to find this kind of pants!)

And Daalin who was part of the worship team on stage had red hair! I think they both look so cute together!

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