Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Joy's Dresses

YeeYee bought several spaghetti-strap dresses for Joy during her trip back last August. I didn't dress her in them because she kept getting the sniffles and Nana wanted to keep her warm.

But the weather has been so hot lately and this princess doesn't seem to tolerate heat well. She gets all sweaty and sticky and then scratches and scratches all over.

So lately, she's been wearing YeeYee's dresses to keep cool.
pink floral print smocked spaghetti strap dress from OshKosh that cost a few USD

I'm surprised to find that she fills out the dresses so nicely. Size 4T is a perfect fit.

She still sweats a lot and I absolutely love sniffing the back of her neck. When I snuggle at her neck and tell her, "Can I smell you?"

She replies, "Smell already la!!!"

1 comment:

  1. j is so pretty. and so chubby.
    and so cute.
    so geram.