Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Celebrating Nana's Birthday

It's Nana's birthday today. We celebrated last night with Ah Ku and Kim Kim. For dinner, we went to The Chicken Rice Shop at The Sphere. With special vouchers, we each had the Single Chicken Set for a mere RM5 instead of the regular price of RM13.99.

The kids had already eaten their porridge at home and were very busy jumping up and down on the sofa-like seats. They are very familiar with this place because we've been there several times now, all with the vouchers.

Generous portion of chicken, rice and lots of crunchy taugeh. Joseph makes me empty out the pai tee so that he eats the shell like keropok.

After dinner, we came home for cake.

I managed to get this French Vanilla Millie Crepe at 75% off again. So we paid only RM15 for it.

I was hanging on to the phone for about 45 minutes and was on the verge of giving up when I finally got through.

Both kids wanted to cut the cake.

So they cut and cut and cut....

Nana didn't stop them and neither did I because since it's her birthday cake, she can do whatever she wants with it.

Joy picked bits and pieces of the cake and fed herself.
And when Joy-Anne eats, Nana is always very happy.
Too bad Kong Kong couldn't be here. He's busy packing and throwing out junk.

The total cost of celebration - less than RM50.

I printed this out in 8R size and put it into a frame for Nana. She loves it.


  1. blessed birthday, aunty Dorcas!

    Lah, how come you keep getting all kinds of dining vouchers? First, it was Chillis, then now Chicken Rice Shop!
    oh i didnt know Humble Beginnings was still having their promotion! 75% discount is such a great deal. I wish they still have it here in Penang.... sigh.

  2. chili's voucher is redeemed from credit card points. this chicken rice shop vouchers are from our condo management office. It's valid for this particular branch only.

    the HumbleBeginnings promo is until June. So still got 3 months!!!

  3. wah... Joy so young can cut birthday cake liao...

    where is this humbleBeginnings? Are the cakes yummy?

  4. taste pretty good to me. They don't have a physical shop. Made to order. I've included the link in the post.

  5. gonna order one for hubby's birthday next month!

  6. No.1 how come u can get 75% off but i couldn't? My sis got it too.

    No.2 Aiyoh... poor crepe, cut until all hancur already,..... so geli.

    No.3 the printed photo of J&j is so sweet... smiling all the way.

  7. Oh, No.4 Happy Birtheday Jee Yee!!

  8. Ling...
    no.1 - I wanted it FREE ok... but just couldn't get thru.

    no.2 - I know....it looks so err.... kanasai. But still tastes as good!

    no.3 - that was a very candid shot. Very rare can get so chun one.

  9. Kong Kong / Pa / Dear02 March, 2010 20:42

    No, I am not busy with packing and throwing out junk, but busy with MSF work, especially the coming MSF Camp. And I love that Mother in law / Daughter in law picture.