Tuesday, March 09, 2010

musical talent - inherited?

The Tans have a trend where musical talent is concerned. We notice that music-inclination seems to get better when going down the birth order. That means that the first-born is quite hopeless and tone-deaf. Subsequent children seem more naturally musical.

Daalin is the youngest of 3 children and the most musical amongst the lot. Big Brother Tan doesn't play any instrument. Big Sister Tan can play the guitar and the piano fairly well.

Daalin can play the piano and guitar well by ear, as well as the drums and violin. Pick any song he knows and he can tell you what key and all the chords just like that. He's got an almost perfect pitch.

Big Brother Tan has 3 boys and the younger 2 seem more musical than the eldest. We're not quite sure with the YongPengTribe kids yet but between Joe and Joy, princess cutie-pie certainly seems more musical than Joseph. She can listen to a tune and rattle it back immediately. Kinda like how we did our Aural Tests for piano examinations.

Not only can she easily catch tunes and songs, she can even improvise songs by changing the words.

Here she's singing 'grace' before meals. We started teaching at about 4-6 months.

I've also found that she can sing songs that we don't teach, but that she picks up just by listening. We play music for them to sleep. The lights go off and the CD player goes on at bed/nap time. So once in a while, she sings a song that catches me completely by surprise. It's such a delight!

Joseph can 'compose' his own songs. He sings about how much he loves me. Most times, it's quite tune-less. But I still always clap and cheer him on.

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  1. she's really got talent! must nurture from young!