Wednesday, February 03, 2010

wishful thinking

Today, I was talking to a friend whom I hadn't been in touch with for a while.

An orthodontist now after spending a few years in the UK, she's also divorced and single again.

When I hear of my peers and even juniors going overseas to for further studies to be specialists, I sometimes feel a tinge of regret.

Maybe it's just the travel bug in me.

Should I have taken up that offer to fly with SIA, how different my life would be today.

Then I hear the sweetest voice calling "Mummyyyyyyy" and I snap back into reality.

Nope, I'm thankful for what I have. I wouldn't trade my wonderful husband and kids for another degree or free travel around the world. I'm happy washing butts and picking up toys. Stretch marks, a flabby tummy and droppy boobs are ok.

My husband said he'll still love me even if I weigh 300lbs. (I asked him this while watching The Biggest Loser)


  1. Edwin is always sweet and loving towards you and the kids. I'll be coming back from Adelaide for holiday. Just wondering if you need me to bring back any favourite muesli of yours, the kind that Dr. Edwin always buy for you.

  2. my husband laughed after
    reading this post and then
    told me that he'll still
    love me even if i'm 301 lbs.

  3. The way things are with you I don't see you ever weighing 300 lbs or even 150 lbs. Yes be thankful. You have a wonderful husband who has a great job, you have a good job, and beautiful kids, & don't forget, wonderful parents & wonderful parents-in-law.

  4. Having read all the other comments, lemme say this, Pris... you are not alone in that wishful tots... and no harm on that. Wont' tell you to be thankful coz u already are.

  5. ya.... we should be thankful for what we have now.... coz if we were to be given another option, life is probably different.