Thursday, February 18, 2010

Huggies for Joy

This came yesterday.... Some time last month, Grace called to say that one of her clients i.e. Huggies - the diaper company, wanted to use a picture of Joy and myself that Grace took a year ago, for their tv ad.

My ears pricked up the moment I heard 'tv'. Blur as I am, I was baffled as to how a photograph is used in a tv ad but dumbness aside, I agreed to it.

Grace said that the 'compensation' would be RM50 cash and about RM200 worth of diapers.

Since I don't watch regular tv (my tv is tuned into channel 613 all the time) , I have yet to see the ad, although one of Daalin's friends said she saw us on tv.
Nevertheless, I'm thankful for freebies!


  1. why so little compensation?
    so now u have to make another baby to use the diapers.
    which pic did they use?

  2. Haha... you could have negotiated! :) btw, you can get a schedule of the tv ad appearing, also let your readers know.