Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese New Year 2010

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Love these ang pows from Nickelodeon... Joy-Anne particularly liked the Dora ang pows. Nevermind they were empty.

So we beat the balik-kampung jam and got back on Thursday night. Ah Mah had been busy making lap cheong.

Joseph was very fascinated. We had to keep reminding him that he was not supposed to touch the very oily sausages.

The place is infested with mosquitoes! To smack two mosquitoes at one go is quite a feat for me.

Joy-Anne was pretty miserable. I've no idea but the mozzies seem to love her.
right hand

left hand

By Friday night, just 24 hours after arriving, she was cranky, extremely hot and sweaty and covered with rashes and mozzie bites. She didn't want to eat dinner and she cried, "I WANT TO GO HOME!!!!"

We had 2 rounds of reunion dinner - Friday night with the YongPengTribe and Saturday night without them.

Ah Mah did a lot of cooking for last night. The tu kha was especially good.

This morning being a Sunday, we went to church as usual.

The church service at Seremban Wesley is really early - 8am. So the kids went without breakfast. Just milk. We came home and snapped some pictures before they squirmed out decent clothing and put on more cooling clothes.

The weather is really hot. Daalin says it's particularly hot here because we're near to Jelebu - the driest spot in Peninsula Malaysia.
I hope it rains and pours this afternoon so that we can have a nice afternoon nap! In the mean time, Gong Xi Gong Xi everyone!


  1. Wow, you wore red. That's an achievement :) Gong xi fa chai to you and your family.

  2. i think in KL is worse!! i felt myself like a roasted pig here in kl!!!! atleast u got the cny atmosphere there. itz so quiet in kl!!

  3. but my 13th floor apt is very breezy and cool. and not so badly infested with mosquitoes. Ventilation in this house not very good. I have to park myself in front of the fan switched on full blast!!!

  4. aiyoyo...poor Joy....she must be super miserable with all the mozzy bites...
    why dont u spray some mozzy repellant on her la.. tht shd help to keep the mozzies away rite?

  5. repellent don't seem to work on these ferocious mozzies.

  6. hey, did u get joy's rh and lh confused?
    why didn't joe and daalin dress up in chinese costumes?
    i really like the pic of joy walking. so natural lah.