Monday, February 22, 2010

Joy's first Visit to the Dentist

Nana needed a dental filling so we went to the clinic yesterday. Even before we left the house, Joy-Anne kept saying we were going to the clinic to "polish Joy-Anne's teeth". After Nana got her tooth fixed, I had Joy polish Nana's teeth.
Then it was Joy's turn to get into the chair. She was not at all afraid and didn't cry. I actually half expected her to chicken out but she didn't.

And she was a very cooperative patient indeed. At 25 months, she is certainly my youngest patient ever.

No squirming even when my assistant put the suction in her mouth. I was so amazed.... she kept still and opened her mouth for me to clean all the way to the back.

And after all that, she smiled so nicely for me!
This morning I asked her, "Who polished your teeth?" and she replied, "dentist".
Then I asked her, "Who is the dentist?" to which she replied, "you!".
I certainly recommend that parents start their children with regular visits to the dentist from a young age, before they have any pain. Dental visits should not be associated with fear and pain. Regular check-ups and cleaning will save you a lot of time, pain and money in the long run.


  1. Absolutely right!

    Personally, I hate treating kids who come in with PAIN. More often than not, the kids will not co-operate and the parents will start smacking/screaming/threatening/bribing and make the situation worst.

  2. what age to start is the best ah ?

  3. I think between 2-2.5, depending on the child's maturity. No later than 3 yrs I feel. The parent should talk to the child beforehand.

  4. rachel's visit to the dentist is way overdue! sigh...

  5. is this the same Joy who had to be wrapped in a bath towel screaming and struggling, each time you wanted to brush her teeth?
    what a huge change!!

  6. yup! Same Joy of course.
    They are so much more obedient in the chair. Even now when I brush Joe's teeth at home, he squirms around, makes funny's very difficult to clean. But in the chair, no problems. I think I need a dental chair at home!!!