Friday, February 19, 2010

Family Time at Ikea

I had promised Joe that we would go to Ikea after coming back from Seremban, since he had the whole week off from school.

He was really excited. We got there nice and early to have breakfast. Thereafter, Joe went to Smaland while Joy tested out the beds.

I think she quite liked the colourful combinations. She climbed on to different beds and pretended to sleep.
She was also very happy at the slide and tunnel. I'm always amazed at how children are so easily delighted with simple pleasures.

After Ikea, we went over the The Curve. The kids love this playground for reasons I can't comprehend.

While at the playground, Joy said, "Mama, I want to shee shee". So I took her to the baby care room and put her on the potty there. Yup! We carried her potty with us everywhere we went.

For lunch, we went to Pizza Hut. Joe fed himself the bread and soup and had pizza.
It's been a good week for the family. But I'll be glad when Nana gets back tonight.


  1. you just received tonnes of diapers but still have to lug sround a potty!

  2. but she doesn't want to wear diapers anymore. Anyway I'd rather lug a potty around. At least she doesn't get diaper rash.
    As for the tonnes of diapers....I can't quite decide to sell, give away or keep for the next baby.

  3. Joe is such a nurturing big brother. Joy is so sweet.
    Remember to let Nana rest and not work her too hard.

  4. Ok how about organize a diaper give-away on your blogshop???

    so when is your due date? congrats!

  5. no not pregnant yet. just meant that will keep those diapers for future baby.

  6. give-away on your blog sounds like a good idea! i dont mind having those freebies for Sam! hehe :P

    hehe...for a moment i too thought u were pregnant already!!