Monday, September 29, 2008

photos for yee yee

We went out for dinner last night - big mistake. In future, I will eat at home all thru Ramadan.

Joy-Anne dressed up and all ready to go out...
We thought we would utilise our Chili's vouchers since my dad was in town. But it was just not possible because all of kl was waiting in line for a table there.
heh heh.... my teeth have just cut through my gums... I'll be biting mama by Christmas!
So we ended up at Laksa Shack after all the very hungry people had eaten and vacated the tables.

Ah Ku and his other pretty girl

Joe 'drove' Scoop while waiting. He didn't jump off or run away when it started moving. It's quite a breakthrough.

Ah Ku fed Joe junk food - keropok with ice-cream.
Joe said it was yummy...

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  1. tip : eat at non-halal restaurant during buka puasa