Tuesday, September 16, 2008

belated mooncake festival

Ah Mah and Ah Kong came for dinner last night to have a belated mooncake festival celebration. They brought homemade mooncakes. Before marrying Edwin, I had never eaten homemade mooncakes and never did really like mooncakes.
Now...this is my favourite - the 5 nuts variety. But I eat only homemade ones. Yup...my tastebuds have been pampered. Last week I tried a 5-nuts variety one made by Genting. Supposedly cost over RM13 for one mooncake. Tasted like...blearrgghhhh!!!!
Ah Mah and Ah Kong had a good time playing with the kids.

Ah Kong tried to take photo of the kids for his cellphone. Joe wanted to see his photo in the phone and Joy-Anne also wanted to busybody.


  1. i think you got to learn from Ah Mah how to make mooncake. This is going to be a lost art soon.

  2. ya lor.....but unfortunately I don't quite like being in the kitchen.