Monday, September 01, 2008

Cut Hair Day

Today I was kept busy all morning with my non-paying part-time job....cutting hair! First I cut Edwin's hair. After that I managed to persuade Joe that it was his turn.
This is a breakthrough!!! No crying, no screaming, no running away. He squirmed a little but I managed to do a decent job. He even held still enough for me to trim the ends with a scissor.
After Joe, I trimmed and thinned the back for my mum. And then, it was Joy-Anne's turn. Yes, yes....we finally decided to shave her head. My mother has been complaining tha she looks like Mr Lopard (the guy from Handy Manny on Playhouse Disney who has only a few strands of stray long hair). So I first snipped off the locks for keepsake.
And then the clipper went to work. She didn't seem to know anything and did not cry.

In fact she was quite happy!
Now I'm still not used to seeing Joy-Anne bald. She looks even more like Joseph when he was a baby.

I hope her hair grows back thicker soon.
All I want for Christmas is a head full of hair...


  1. how much would you charge for a haircut for Evan?

  2. Wow... did you take up hair cutting course ar? Then can cut your own hair lo?

  3. don't dare cut other people's kids hair la... if irreparable damage I cannot compensate you lo....

    wonderful life - nope, I didn't take any course. Just trial and error. Good thing my husband is not fussy nor vain. But I can't cut my own hair coz can't see at the back. Only cut the fringe.