Thursday, September 18, 2008

kiasu baby and Bob fever

Joy-Anne is 8months old today. My mother thinks she should start studying.

Joseph will also say, "I want to study" while he disturbs Joy-Anne.

It's hard to concentrate when there's so much distraction around.

Joy-Anne eats books rather than read them. Eat books - maybe that's why she looks so skinny.

We've got the thin genes. I'm never gonna have chubby babies. Some day she'll be thankful she can eat and not grow fat.

phew...all that studying makes me tired.

Joseph is currently into Bob the Builder...

Scoop is for pooing in the toilet, Roley is for peeing by himself, Benny is for cutting hair without crying, Muck is for holding his own bottle and Lofty is for eating medicine without any fuss.

wearing his new Bob the Builder pyjamas from Ah Koh

Yee yee says it's bribery. I prefer to call it incentives.

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  1. Hahaha! Guess you need 'incentives' like that since he's at home with you.

    Lucas loves Bob the Builder too and I'm planning to give him 3 of the trucks for Christmas.

    And 'Annie' and 'Clarabel' from Thomas The Tank Engine for his birthday...

    'Emily' was supposed to be part of the birthday too but he's been so good in preschool, I gave it as a reward :)

    I didn't want to make gift-giving a common practice because it'd only encourage a drive for 'extrinsic rewards'.

    So, I've declared presents only for Christmas and birthdays LOL