Monday, September 01, 2008

Last weekend...

...we went back to Seremban on Merdeka Eve. Joy-Anne finally did not cry when Ah Mah carried her.
On Merdeka evening, we went to the Kong's residence for baby Hannah's full moon party.
pretty cupcakes from +Wondermilk... Su Yin says it's very expensive!
Baby Hannah was born to Su Lin and Ben on 1st August 2008 after 53 hours of labour.

Joy-Anne checking out the food that she can't eat yet.

The kids had fun in a little ball pool

I really admire Su Lin's guts... she was very persistent with breastfeeding even though she struggled with being on a catheter for 2 weeks, and baby Hannah had to be admitted to Seremban GH for very high jaundice (bilirubin count over 360).

Back in KL.... we discovered Joy-Anne could let go off one hand, turn 180degrees and then hold the play pen edge again, in a new position.

And this photo was taken just before her hair cut on Monday. Now she's bald.

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