Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weekend in Cameron Highlands

We spent the weekend up in Cameron Highlands at the OMF Bungalow (only RM85 per person per day for great accomodation with 3 great meals included). This was our 2nd time there and like the first time, it was just lovely. The whole place makes you feel so relaxed and serene.
As soon as we arrived, Joe immediately ran into the garden and started playing. It was just great to be outdoors, breathing fresh cool mountain air.
I think of us all, Joe enjoyed the most. Here he is trying out the tricycle.
Enjoying a strawberry ice stick that his daddy gladly bought for him. Joy-Anne looks like she wants some too.
At the Tanah Rata playground. Don't I look cool?
Taking a break....2 kids drinking milk in the garden.
Joy-Anne holding on tight to the chair...

This is the only photo that has all of us...because Joe is rather anti-camera these days.

I had to bluff him to get this candid shot. That smile is so priceless!
Yeah...I enjoyed myself!

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