Monday, May 05, 2008

Joe and the animals

We made a trip to A'Famosa Animal World Safari this morning. It rained at 7am plus but by the time we got there, the weather was just perfect. It was quite an educational outing for Joe.

Just past the entrance, we were greeted by a few elephants, a tiger and some colourful parrots. What irked me was that they disallowed personal cameras so that they could sell us the photos taken by them for RM15 per piece. What a rip off! Of course I ignored them.

The elephant show was the first of a few shows we watched. These elephants are a rather talented lot. They could stand on 2 legs, play basketball, paint, play football and even hoist a flag.

The elephant keepers were also selling sugar cane (3 pieces for RM2) for visitors to feed to the elephant. Joe's idea of feeding the elephant was to drop the sugar cane on to the floor for the elephant to pick up.

After the elephant show, we went on the safari truck ride a.k.a the jeepney ride to Joe. He saw a similar truck on Playhouse Disney Channel and had been talking about going on a jeepney ride to see animals. So this was the highlight of the day for him.

We came pretty close to the animals on the bumpy safari truck ride.

Done with the ride, we strolled through a walk-thru area where we saw flamingos, storks, otters, racoons, a tapir, turkeys, peacocks, monkeys etc.

Then we went to see the multi-animal show featuring orang utans playing golf and doing sommersaults and other stunts by otters and cats.

Next up was the bird show. These parrots could pick up rubbish, step on the pedal to lift the lid and throw the rubbish inside.

By then it was about 12.3opm and we went to the local food court for our lunch which was included in the entrance price. Nothing great to shout about. The yee mee had wayyyyy too much MSG. The chicken from the chicken rice that Edwin had was rock-hard.

We strolled back towards the exit, stopping by the chicken farm which was air-conditioned.

Ho-mia in air-conditioned environment. Joe quite enjoyed seeing so many baby chicks running in the enclosure. Even Joy-Anne enjoyed the chickens.

All in, it was a tiring but enjoyable outing.

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  1. Never been to A Famosa and from the pics it looked very interesting to the kids.

    Probably will wait until 2nd child is old enuff before taking the family there for a visit.