Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Revenge of the sleeping Joe

For some reason we will never understand, kids always like to sleep in their parents bed. My mother-in-law tells me that when Edwin was a kid, he liked to sleep in between his parents on their bed. Like father, like son...Joe is doing the same thing to us now.

I want mama

When we first got his new bed, he liked it so much. He called it his cosy bed. Now, he says, "my bed is no more cosy. I like your bed".

He knows the difference between a single bed and a double bed. And we taught him that double bed is for husband and wife. He then told me, "Ya....but husband and wife can share with me".

me : Joe, double bed is for how many people to sleep in?

Joe : errmmm....2 people.

me : So who are the 2 people?

Joe : mama and Joe Joe.

me : Then where will papa sleep?

Joe : I don't know!

So after he falls asleep in our bed, Edwin will carry him back to his bed. Some nights he will struggle and crawl back to snuggle up to me and Edwin ends up on Joe's cosy bed. On other nights, he will wake in the middle of the night and scream, "MAMA....COME!!!" Two nights ago, he got up at about 2am, grabbed his Barney bolster and came to our room, jumped in between us and went back to sleep.

He's also been quite clingy the last few days. Going to work is so heartbreaking for me. When I hug him to say good bye, he will say, "But play with me..... I need you to be my friend. Mama, come back!!!"

Sigh....wish I could quit working.


  1. Evan doesnt sleep with us though - never been an issue! I must say he actually prefers his own bed (which in his own words is 'just nice' - like when Goldilocks slept on baby bear's bed)

  2. i understand perfectly what you mean... i wish i cld quit working too!

    Rachel lately also loves to wake up in the middle of the night wanting to sleep with us on the bed. going to work is also heartbreaking for me..wish i dont have to work too!