Sunday, May 04, 2008

Lost in church

Joe got 'lost' yesterday. Twice.
He went to Children's Church with Edwin and my mum. While my mum attended the leaders' briefing, Edwin fed Joe lunch in the foyer. After that Edwin took Joe upstairs to Hall 1. Joe wanted to hold on to one end of the umbrella while Edwin held the other as they walked. Like a choo-choo-train he said. But when they reached Hall1, Joe let go of the umbrella and while Edwin still had his eye on Joe, Joe couldn't see Edwin for a split second. He started to panic and cried.
A cuddle later, he calmed down.
Later, after children's church, Edwin left Joe with my mum while he came home to fetch me to go back for celebration. My mum was still busy talking to the children in her cell when Joe decided to run around. Again, he lost sight of my mum and started to panic.
Moments later, he found her and was crying his heart out.
Much later, I had a chat with him...
Me : Joe, what happened just now? Did you get lost? You cried?
Joe : Ya.... I couldn't find Nana. So I call Jesus. Then I that Nana in the yellow shirt. Let's check it out. Oh's Nana!
I was just so amazed at what he said. Glad my mum taught him well.

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