Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I ain't fat. I'm post-partum.

So we were back in Seremban on Sunday to stay over because we wanted to go to the safari early on Monday morning. On Sunday evening, a few of my in-law's friends came over for tea and chat about their new camera. This old, I mean elderly aunty took one look at me and said, "You look fairer ah...". "Really?", I replied. And then she said, "Yah....and fatter too".
Trying to be polite, I smiled at her and kept quiet.
It's never polite to call someone fat. Even if you think someone is fat, you don't say it to their face. Nope, the 3-letter word is a no-no. Especially more so if someone is actually post-natal. More tactful words would be chubby or prosperous-looking.
I mean....of course I'm fatter. It took 9 months to pile on all that weight. And unless I stop breastfeeding and start intense dieting and working out with a personal trainer a la Hollywood, it's gonna take a while before I get back in shape. In the mean time, I'll stay in this shape. Round is a shape.

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