Friday, June 03, 2011

Pancakes and the Park

On Wednesday night, Daalin and I went out for our regular husband-and-wife-time. When we got back, Joseph said that he wanted to go for mother-and-son-time with just me. So in a spur-of-the-moment decision, we went to Kiara Park early Thursday morning. Joe and I are early birds whereas Joy and Daalin are sleepyheads.

When we got home however, it took Joy 5 seconds to realize we had gone out and left her behind and she was mad at me.

Later, we made pancakes and she kinda forgave me for leaving her behind. Actually Nana made the pancakes with them.

They enjoyed the cooking lesson.

And then Joe decided to top the pancakes with cheese and honey.

Joy who usually eats nothing besides oats also enjoyed the pancakes and ate 2 whole pieces all by herself.

This morning (Friday), we decided to go to the park again and this time, I woke Joy up and brought her along.

It was really nice. Joe and I sat at a picnic table and did his quiet time while Joy had her milk. Then we went walking and saw spider webs....
I made them cross the very shallow stream but my city kids complained about getting their feet wet. So much for wanting to see nature!

I showed Joe his kindy's class namesake - the hibiscus.

And they checked out the family of tortoise in the lake.

I enjoyed just walking with them and chatting about sweet nothings on a slow unhurried morning.

School holidays sure are fun!

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