Wednesday, June 15, 2011

things I learned as a mother

Motherhood has been very educational. I kid you not.

I've learned to multitask e.g. breastfeed, eat and read newspaper/fb at the same time. Or rock baby to sleep in sarong sling while cross-stitching.

I've also learned to gauge how high a fever is without using a termometer. I can figure if it's a low 38C fever or a high almost-40C fever with a touch of my hand.

Looking at their faces, I can anticipate if they want to poo or puke. So you grab a container/potty/chui kong before the river of food mixed with gastric juices come rushing out.

Sometimes, I feel that I'm the student in this journey.

For example, I've also learned that :

1. Snakes are reptiles. But not all snakes lay eggs. Certain species like the anaconda give birth!

2. The Brachiosaurus has its nostril at the top like a whale.

3. Sharks have vertical tails while orcas have horizontal tails.

4. Penguins are found only at the south pole while the polar bear is found only in the north pole.

But every now and then, God uses my children to teach me.

Once, Joseph was on a streak of naughtiness and it was one of those days when he said sorry again. Without thinking, I responded, "Say sorry again.... everytime say sorry but you do again and again. How many times do you want to say sorry?" And instantly, God convicted my heart. Isn't that how it is with us? We come before God in repentance again and again. Each time we say sorry and then go back to our old ways. But God in His great mercy forgives again and again.

Another time, I was just staring at my 2 sleeping kids, just enjoying their look of sweet surrender, oblivious to the cares of the world. God spoke to my heart - that is how God delights when we surrender completely to Him and rest in Him.

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