Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Blessed Father's Day!

I'm blessed to have a wonderful father, and father-in-law and not forgetting the father to my children.

The kids made 'neckties' for him and Joe made him a #1 Dad medal in kindy.

We spent the morning in church where Little Lamb had a Parent Appreciation Day party. After a blissful afternoon nap, Daalin and the kids went for a short swim.

Then we went out to Vary Pasta for dinner.

Eight dishes and the bill only came up to RM110.50.

We came home and I presented Daalin with his surprise dessert - tiramisu!

I have to confess. I lied to him in order to make this for him.

I told him I went to work. Well actually it was work. Hard work! But it wasn't in clinic. I went to a friend's house to make the tiramisu. It was really REALLY hard work! But so worth it!

Daalin was really surprised and walloped about a quarter of the tray in one sitting.

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  1. so terror - tiramisu dessert!
    next time can make by yourself?