Sunday, February 08, 2009

a busy long weekend.

Over the weekend, Joseph had chinese homework! Joy-Anne received her belated birthday present from Aunty SuYin, Uncle Derrick and Timothy. It's a denim jacket from Pumpkin Patch. Perfect for our autumn in Melbourne. We got to lou sang 2 days in a row. On Friday we had a CG chinese new year potbless and on Saturday we had children's church leaders' CNY potbless. Plenty of yummy food and not enough tummy space!

On Sunday, Edwin and Joe had a father-and-son day trip to Seremban. They drove the car there and came back by train.

I was at The Wedding Hub's 1-day bridal bargain sale with Reuben & Joanne and my cousin Michelle & Albert. Both brides-to-be bought their wedding gowns for a bargain.

This morning we had a photo shoot with Grace. I can't wait to see the photos.

Joy-Anne learned a new word over the weekend. She can say "kakak" which is surprising since we don't have a kakak.

Her vocabulary up till now includes...

kor kor
woh woh (when asked what sound a dog makes)
meow (when asked what sound a cat makes)
ooh aah (when you ask her what monkey says)
oh oh (when she drops something)
mai (don't want in hokkien)
boh (don't have in hokkien)
no no

She's very good at imitating Joseph. Lately, we caught her taking Joseph's guitar and climbing up onto the 'stage' (our coffee table) just like Joseph.

Children are really good observors. Just this evening before bed time, Joe was talking to himself and then he turn to me and said, "don't walk into things that don't move". I was surprised and thought where have I heard that before? So I asked him where he learnt that and he said "from dreamcenter.....the uncle say".

Indeed, that was what the pastor said during the sermon. (We had Ps Wayne Cordeiro from Honolulu. He was trying to illustrate a point about learning lessons from other people's mistakes). Wow...I didn't even know Joseph was listening to the sermon. And nana (who was falling asleep during the sermon) does not remember hearing that part of the sermon.

That boy....everyday he reminds me to watch my words and actions so that I set a good example for him.


  1. chinese homework over the WEEKEND for a THREE year-old??!! Alamak!
    tell nana she has a buddy now. D was also nodding off during the sermon these past two Sundays.
    they can sit next to each other.

  2. Joseph has a really good vocabulary. He speaks like an adult.

  3. haha...actually he speaks like Mickey Mouse. Just 2 days ago, he was talking blah blah blah...then "on the contrary"... My eyes opened wide! I asked him who taught him that. He said Mr Lopard from Handy Manny.