Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Joe is 9!

My first born turned 9 this month. There was no party because he doesn't quite like being in the limelight.
In the days leading up to his birthday, I decided to make him some 'slugs' to decorate his 'cake'. We had a pizza 'cake' topped with pigs-in-blanket (bacon-wrapped pork sausages) and a piece of KFC...all his favourite food, decorated with his favourite slugs made out of felt. It was really a very painstaking labour of love. The slugs took me four days because I'm such a perfectionist and wanted to perfect every little detail. And the pigs-in-blanket...oh how I hate frying and smelling all greasy but I guess that's what mothers do out of love.
It was a simple celebration at home with 3 out of 4 grandparents (since Nana is still on the other side of the planet).

My big boy is a heavy boy! He weighs 33kg and stands at 135.5cm. That's like almost 70% of what I weigh!
The small boy is also fast catching up with Isabel. He has just turned 6 months weighing 8.7kg (70cm) while Isabel is about 12.7kg. But there's still no sleeping through the night.
And these are snapshots from last weekend....
We were at Avillion Port Dickson for a friend's wedding.

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