Friday, May 30, 2014

A Nursery Rhyme-themed party

Joy's Kindy looked like some pages of a nursery rhyme book come alive on her last day of semester.

She decided to go as Little Bo Peep...
The costume is an easy one. She wore one of her dresses that had all the right frills and a hat. It was only the shepherd's staff that was a wee bit challenging.

I tried bending one of the rotans in the house but it didn't quite work and was a bit too flimsy. Daaling found rattan ones in the right shape and size at the pasar malam but even those cost an exorbitant RM28. In the end, Daaling found a broken umbrella handle from some dustbin. He brought it home and I attached it to a plastic broom stick from our store room. Finally I wrapped it up in ribbon to beautify it. 

And here she is with some of the other girls in her class.

On the way to school, I sang to her Little Bo Peep has lost her teeth.... she gave me a 'duh' look.

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