Friday, April 04, 2014

Shopping with Tesco online

In our BC (before children) era, shopping was therapeutic. With one kid, it was fun. With two, it was manageable. Then with had three, it was challenging. Now that we have four, it's absolutely stressful and tiring!

It's quite a challenge to choose veggies while keeping two eyes on four kids who may not all stay in the same place at the same time. Gone are the easier days when they could ALL fit into one trolley.
So I gave Tesco online a try and I must say I am thus far very pleased with them.
The first time, I use a Livingsocial (don't you just love them!) voucher that gave me RM30 off a total purchase of RM150. Even with the service charge of RM10, I saved RM20!
I took my time (while feeding and rocking Isaac...thank God for my iPad!) to browse and bought household necessities like pasta, butter, cheese and dried food stuff that were on offer. It helps to know the prices of stuff you regularly buy so that you can spot a genuine offer.
The delivery came promptly at the selected time. In fact, they were early. Everything I ordered arrived in great shape. I inspected the goods before making payment.
A couple of weeks later, I received another voucher for RM10+free delivery off a minimum purchase of RM100. So again carefully selecting stuff that I need so that I don't simply purchase to make up the minimum amount, I placed another order. This time, I included fresh produce and ice cream.

The lemons and broccoli came looking better than the ones I've seen in store while the ice-cream was still nicely cold and frozen. Some cheese I ordered were out of stock and I declined the alternatives they brought. In the end my total payment was only RM73 for groceries worth RM83.
And I got another e-coupon for free delivery on my next order...
I would still shop in store when time permits but when I can't, I think Tesco online is a wonderful alternative. It saves my time, money on petrol and parking and there's no traffic jam stress. Plus they carry everything to my doorstep... it's likes having a personal shopper and porter! 

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