Tuesday, November 06, 2012

November Celebrations

I love the month of November! It's always been a month of celebration because 1st November is my Daaling's birthday and 2nd November is our Wedding Anniversary. But this year, I like November even more because we have Isabel's birthday to celebrate!!!
We started off the month we a simple at-home celebration for Daaling's birthday before he had to rush off to church for worship practice.
I bought a Durian Mille Crepe Cake with a groupon so the cake cost RM50 instead of RM98!
It was really really extremely delicious! The crepe layers were very thin and evenly layered with real durian flesh and cream.
I'm so glad I have one more groupon for this and I'm saving it for my birthday...yum yum!
The next day....2nd November 2012 was our actual 10th Wedding Anniversary. But it was also Joseph's report card-meet-teacher-day in school and daaling had a backache. So he went for a massage while Joy and I went for a mani-pedi followed by picking up Joe's report card. We had cg later in the evening. The cg celebrated Daalin's birthday for him but I missed it because I was just too exhausted and fell asleep after putting the kids to bed.
4th November 2012 - we had a big Rainbow Party....a quadruple celebration!!!

I believe that celebrations are important! We must remember what God has done in our lives and give Him the glory due to Him. A Rainbow Party ....because a rainbow is a reminder of God's covenant to us....a reminder that God is faithful!
For the party....I catered most of the food from various sources. Azlin of Luscious Treats did most of the cooking. I got the YamCake, peanut mochi and pulut panggang from Aroma Nyonya. Ah Mah made the Char Siew Pau, Siew Mai and Siew Yoke plus bought the chee cheong fun from Seremban. I ordered a tray of Curry Vege from DreamCafe to go with the chee cheong fun. We also bought fried rice and fried bee hoon from the tai chow across the road.
On top of that, Nana helped make coleslaw and fruit salad. I made some chocolate banana desserts with Joy's help.

She helped me put the biscuit base into the cups and also sprinkle the baked oats on top.

We kicked off the party with Joe and Joy reciting Psalm 100 and then a time of worship led by our friend who was also the worship leader at our wedding 10 years ago. This same friend also helped me with all the lovely decoration. Such a blessing indeed!
A highlight of the party was the parent appreciation. Just like what we did at our wedding 10 years ago, we wanted to publicly appreciate our parents for all that they have done for us. Sometimes, we take forgranted that they know we appreciate them. So it's important to say it!
I got the children to help write out a poem for each set of grandparents. I then put them into frames which I bought from Ikea. Each grandma received a bouquet of roses and a set of custom made necklace+earrings from Moms Little Treasure Box.
 Each grandpa also received a gift.... didn't know what else to buy so I got them John Master t-shirts.

5th November is Isabel's actual birthday!
What a wonderful blessed year it has been! She's still not sleeping through the night and still very much addicted to my boobs.
Now that I'm a big girl....mummy says I have to help with the housework!
Sometimes I feel bad that she's no.3 and therefore neglected. But really...I think she's the most blessed because she has the love of her (very caring and protective) brother and sister who absolutely adores her. She's also broken her kor kor and che che's nursing and sleeping records. Joseph slept through the night at 6 weeks and stopped nursing at 8 months. Joy slept throught the night at 9 months but nursed (day time only) till 13 months. Isabel....we'll see.


  1. The youngest is always the most blessed - and i think that if she has her way, she will be continuing with the night feeds (just like what both my kids did until they were like 2 or 3!)

  2. i love the month of November too! ;)

    lovely rainbow deco.. praise God from whom all blessings flow..

  3. Lovely celebration, and really touched by your parents appreciation session. My first born shares the same birthday with your hubby :-) Looks like mani pedi is becoming a regular feature ;-)

  4. I think mani pedi have to stop la.... It's the perfect example that beauty is temporal!!!