Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Economical Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree is up!!!
I decided to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in a Go Green bid this year. So decorations are all DIY from stuff I found around the house.
Scrap white paper (or any colour you like)....folded and cut into snowflakes. I think it looks pretty when it's placed over a small light bulb.
origami snowflake
Hanging presents - I used Ikea's Psylla beads to make the one on the left. Joy helped to arrange them before I did the ironing. The present on the right...I used cardboard packaging (from food stuff etc) and wrapped them with used gift wrap then tied a silver pipe cleaner around it.

Bauble - made out of ping pong ball wrapped in 'tissue' paper that came from the flower bouquet.

Candy cane - made out of Ikea's Psylla Beads.
Snowflake - also made out of Ikea's Psylla beads.

 And the star on's made out of tin foil. I arranged the lights to light up the 5 points of the star.
Oh and the tree itself is also a 'hand-me-down'. I like the fiber optic ends that light up and change colour. When the kids have all gone to bed, it's nice to just sit on my sofa with all the lights off except for the Christmas tree lights.
It's just so serenely quiet - perfect to reflect on the day and give thanks!

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  1. Your DIY deco items are nice. Where do you find time to make them with three little ones at home?