Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fun at Friday's

We're still in the mood for celebrations.... it's like that as the end of the year approaches.
Super shirts - gift from some very super cool friends!
TGIFriday's had a irresistable promotion yesterday - 50% off all food! Yup...all food on the menu at half price!!!

We were planning to go out to Ikea/Curve to lepak and have dinner at Sakae Sushi coz it's Daalin's birthday month and he's entitled to a 100% rebate with the member card. But this deal was more appealing.
Actually, we were there last month on the 30th and Joseph wanted to eat there because he just loves the food there. But it was just too creepy with all the awful Halloween decorations. So we walked out and went to Sakae Sushi instead.
This time, it's back to normal. Kids eat free was also available.
Daalin had the Chop House Salmon while I had the Lamb Chop and we shared a Cajun Fried Chicken Salad.
Joseph had the Kid's Spaghetti with White Cream Sauce and also the Kid's Chicken Fingers. Yup...he ate TWO kids meal. Joy had her oats. Boring...

Christmas decorations are up.... I absolutely love this time of the year.
 Isabel is growing...but I'm still waiting for her to walk. She took 2 unaided steps today.
 Joseph walked at 13 months while Joy walked at 10.5 months. So she's not thatttttt slow yet.
I'm also loving these stress-free-no-school-days. Just have to scream at Joseph a little everyday to get him to do some studying so that his brain doesn't grow cobwebs! Other than that...I'm looking forward to seeing the Chrismas lights in Singapore!

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